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1/2 Cup butter
1/4 Cup PEOTRACO Premium Cocoa
1/2 Cup PEOTRACO Honey Browns
3/4 Cup Evaporated milk
Melt butter over medium flame. Add Peotraco Premium Cocoa Powder. Dissolve until smooth. add Peotraco Premium Cocoa Powder. Dissolve until smooth. Add Peotraco Honey Browns and evaporated milk and continue cooking until mixture becomes thick or until spreading consistency is achieved. Spread on breads or cakes.

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Tips for Baking

1. Do not overmix and do not overbake
2. Carefully read the recipe before proceeding. Use the specified ingredients, and pre-measure them
3. Always use metal measuring cups for dry ingredients and a glass measuring cup for liquid ingredients

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Our Products

Peotraco Confectioners' Powdered Sugar™
"always there for you"

Peotraco Powdered Sugar is a uniformed pulverized sugar made especially for baking requirements. It is widely used on icing, fondants and frostings and premixes.

Best for: Icing, Cakes, Cookies, Ice Cream, Pudding, Meringue, Marshmallow, Candies, Medical Coating, Etc.

Available bulk packages: 450 g box, 2 kg pack, 1 kg pack & 5 lbs pack
Peotraco Confectioners' Powdered Sugar™
- for the perfect chef

Peotraco Premium Powdered Sugar is a confectioners' powdered sugar made for food products that require maximum fineness. It is a versatile ingredient ideal for cake decorations, coating, premixes and other food preparations.

Best for:  Icings, Fondants, Gumpaste, Frostings, Fillings, Toppings and Decorations

Can also be used for:  Powdered Flavorings, Meringue, Alcohol Drinks Mixes, Ice creams, Medicinal Suspension, and Coating (preserved fruits, crinkles, candies & chewing gum)

 Available bulk packages: 450 g box & 5 lbs pack  

Peotraco Caster Sugar™ – to enhance moistness & fluffiness

Caster Sugar is a uniform, extra fine granulated sugar designed especially for cake baking. Caster gives better structure in cakes, smoother texture and yields bigger volume.

Best used for: All types of Cakes, Sanding or Topping. Coating (Native Sweets and Biscuits) & Cake Premixes

Quick & Easy Recipes:
Cheese Cupcake

 Available bulk packages: 500 gm box, 2.5 kg pack, 25 kg pack & 50 kg pack 

Peotraco Honey Browns™ Soft Brown Sugar

A uniform, semi-fine powdered sugar with distinctive cane flavor and aroma. Designed specially for the baking industry. It adds color and enhances that specific flavor present on the product. It gives smoother product and yields bigger volume.

Best for:  Chocolate and Mocha flavored cakes, Fruitcakes, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Crinkles, and Cookies

Quick & Easy Recipes:  Chocolate Frosting

 Available bulk packages: 25 kg pack & 2.5 kg pack

Peotraco Glucose- the clearer choice

Clear thick liquid substance used for an assortment of baking or food processing purposes. It has about half the sweetening power of regular sugar. It doesn’t crystallize easily, it is used to make commercial candies and frostings as well as baked goods, soft drinks and other processed foods.

Bake to your heart's content! This clear thick syrup is quality controlled with the strictest of standards to give you moist, chewy cakes, pastries, fondants, gumpastes and other confectioneries. It is available in two variants: 43oBé and 45oBé.

  Available bulk packages: 750 g bottle & 25 kg pail container 

Peotraco Glycerin (food grade)

A clear, viscous and hygroscopic liquid. Used for the manufacture of resins, gums, drugs and paste.The commercial name for glycerol, a colorless, odorless, syrupy, chemically-liquid, an alcohol obtained from fats and oils and used to retain moisture and adds sweetness to foods. It also prevents sugar crystallization in foods like candy. 

Used for:  Baking, Cake Decorations, Food Preparations and Preservative

 Available bulk packages: 100 ml bottle & 700 ml bottle

Peotraco Gummix – for pliability

Gummix is a free flowing gum powder used for all types of sugar dough recipes. Gummix' binding and adhesion property improves pliability and malleability of fondants, gum pastes and clay dough as well as the taste and smell.

Available bulk packages: 20 x 20 g envelope

Peotraco Pastry Bag

Light, efficient and reusable pastry bag. A cone-shaped bag with two open ends. The small end is pointed and can be fitted with decorative tips of different sizes and designs, while doughs, whipped cream fillings, etc. is spooned into the large end. While the bag is squeezed the contents are forced through the tip. Pastry bags have a multitude of uses including decorating cakes, forming pastries, cookies and piping decorative borders.

 Available bulk packages: Small (7.5 x 13.25 in), Medium (9.5 x 17 in) & Large (11 x 20.5 in)

Peotraco Macys Cornstarch – visibly better

Macys Cornstarch is a uniform, extra fine powdered starch from corn grain. Designed specifically for raw material, baking ingredient, and as a premix additive.

Quick & Easy Recipes:
Eight Treasure Soup
Maja Maiz
Crispy Eggplant Torta

Available bulk packages: 100 g, 200 g, 400 g 1 kg, & 45 kg

Peotraco Glutinous Rice Flour

Peotraco Glutinous Rice Flour is manufactured from clean, polished, broken glutinous rice by soaking and washing in water followed by wet grinding process. It is widely used in making native delicacies.

Best for: Kalamay, Puto, Palitaw, Kutsinta, Puto Bungbong and Bibingka

Available bulk packages: 500 gm, 1 kg, & 50 kg

Peotraco Rice Flour

Peotraco Rice Flour is fine, powdery flour made from cleaned, polished rice grains.  

Best for: Kalamay, Crackers, Puto, Lumpia Wrap, Kakanin, Kutsinta and Noodles.

Available bulk packages: 500 gm, 1 kg, & 50 kg 

V9 Bread Improver

V9 Bread Improver can be used in a range of specialty yeast products including buns and loaf breads. Improves and preserves the natural qualities of freshly baked bread. It helps promotes good loaf volume, Improves crumb softness and texture.

Available bulk packages: 500 gm & 1 kg pack

Peotraco Premium Cocoa – a premium standard cocoa powder

Moderately alkalized cocoa powder suitable for use in the ice cream and bakery industries. This cocoa powder provides natural brown ideal for finished products that require strong color without the addition of artificial coloring.

Available bulk packages: 250 g, 500 g, 1 kg & 25 kg

Peotraco Sweet Delight Refined Sugar™

Peotraco Sweet Delight Refined Sugar is a sweet, crystalline, soluble item prepared by milling and refining raw cane sugar to a crystalline form. This is similar to granulated sugar although SDRS crystals are much smaller. It is specially screened, uniformly fine-grained sugar for rapid solution.

 Available bulk packages: 25 kg & 50 kg

Refined Sugar

Refined sugar is sometimes called cane sugar since it is commercially prepared from sugar cane. It is the most common sugar and is generally used as sweetening agent in cooking and in table services; hence it is called "table sugar". 

 Available bulk packages: 50 x 1 kg & 50 kg sack 

Brown Sugar

Partially purified product with crystals varying from light, golden and dark brown color. It has molasses flavor that improves the flavor characteristic of finished goods.

 Available bulk packages: 50 x 1 kg & 50 kg sack


Washed Sugar

Sucrose crystals with yellowish to tan light straco color and is one step short of the complete refining process.

 Available bulk packages: 50 x 1 kg & 50 kg sack


PEOTRACO High Fructose Corn Syrup

Is a clear to yellowish semi-viscous liquid. Differs from the conventional corn syrup because it contains fructose and luvelose in a high range of 42 to 90 %. It is made by treating high conversion corn syrup with enzymes. The enzymes convert some of the glucose to fructose. 

Available bulk packages: 500 ml, 1000 ml & 25 liters 

Peotraco Pancake Syrup

Is a semi-viscous syrup made up of fructose and glucose, blended with natural maple flavor. Designed specifically for culinary and table purposes. 

Available bulk packages: 350 ml (easy squeeze bottle) 

Peotraco Food Color Gel

Primarily used to color fondants and gum paste; it comes in gel form for easy dispersion during kneadinng of sugar dough. It can also be used in wide range of food application requiring vibrant colors. Choose form among six exciting colors Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, White and Black. Or better yet, try them all for a truly colorful experience!

Available bulk packages: 25 ml tube 

Peotraco Muscovado Quality Sugar

A sugar made from natural sugarcane juice. It is nutritionally richer than other sugar for it retains the natural minerals from sugarcane. 

Available bulk packages: 250 g, 500 g & 40 kg  


Peotraco Chocolicious

A blend of premium cocoa and milk that results to a rich and mouth-watering chocolate drink that will satisfy the taste buds of every chocolate lover. Best for all ages. Can be taken hot or cold.

Available bulk packages: 250 g  


St. Royce Breakfast Cocoa

Cocoa drink available in 2 variants:
Sugar Free - distinctly sweet but less calorie cocoa taste, it is ideal for health conscious and weight watchers
Sugar Added - a rich cocoa drink sweetened with sugar to enhance its flavor. Can be taken hot or cold.

Available bulk packages: 250 g  

Decor Sugar Crystals

Decor sugar is a medium to large grain sugar available in 6 colors: yellow, blue, red, green, orange, and peach. Especially used as toppings for cookies and pastries for decorative eye appeal. It gives sparkle and brilliance to baked goods.

Available bulk packages:  80 g & 350 g  

Sufree Stevia Sweetener

Sweetening lives the natural way! Sufree Stevia Sweetener is a healthy alternative sweetener that's made from all-natural Stevia plant. Made from the sweetest glycosides extracted from Stevia leaves; it can be consumed as part of daily diet in place of sugar. It is non-fermentable, pH and heat stable, making it great for daily healthy food and beverage preparation. Each sachet of Sufree Stevia Sweetener has sweetness equivalent to 1 tbsp of sugar. Best for: Hot & Cold Beverages, Breakfast Cereals and Cookies     

Available in:  10 sachets x 1 g box  



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